October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Want to know what you can do to protect yourself? Shelly Palmer speaks with Dan Bowens and Tashanea Whitlow on Fox 5's Good Day New York about tips and tricks to stay safe online. Continue Reading →

The Truth Trap

For reasons that are theorized – but not fully confirmed – human beings default-to-trust. In other words, it is more evolutionarily stable to trust someone in our inner circle than it is to begin from a place of distrust. We don't always default-to-trust when we meet a stranger, especially if we're in a new or uncomfortable environment, but when we are not under a perceived threat, almost all of us default-to-trust because the benefits of doing so outweigh the consequences of acting like a cynical, pessimistic jerk. Continue Reading →
A mother of a teenage girl was "appalled" to find out her child was being tracked by an Apple AirTag device on a recent trip to Disney World. Shelly Palmer talks with Dan Bowens about how Apple's AirTags work -- and how to protect yourself. Continue Reading →
You've probably heard about the Log4j hack; it's the latest "big, scary, systemic" hack to threaten literally the entire internet. The size and scope of the vulnerability is so large that it may take years to fix. Why? Log4j is a ubiquitous utility program used to log security and performance information for all kinds of consumer and enterprise services, websites, applications, and countless tech products. The vulnerability allows attackers to execute code remotely on a target computer. Said differently, threat actors can easily steal data, install malware, or simply take control of a system. Continue Reading →

The Halloween Hackers

A ransomware gang has targeted Ferrara Candy, the confectionary responsible for producing 85 percent of the nation’s supply of candy corn (approximately seven billion pieces per year). Continue Reading →
Today is a great day to have a chat with your team and go over your business resiliency and business continuity plan. If you get hit with a ransomware attack this afternoon, what happens? Who gets notified and in what order? Who initiates the restore protocols? How many hours, days, weeks of backups are available? Which servers go back online first and in what order? Continue Reading →
The Biden administration and Western allies formally blamed China for a massive hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software earlier this year. Shelly Palmer talks with Bianca Peters and Kerry Drew about what it means and why you should care. Original Airdate: July 20, 2021 Continue Reading →