CES 2020 Tech Briefings & Floor Tours

Aligned with your business objectives.
Shelly Palmer at CES

Recode calls Shelly Palmer “King of the CES Tour Guides.”

ShellyPalmer has been curating executive experiences at CES® since 1996. Our clients include global c-suite executives, marketers, media buyers, brand managers, policy makers, and engineers who need to get the most out of their time on the CES floor.

CES is the largest tech conference in the world — we’ll make it just the right size for you.

Our interactive walking tech briefings & floor tours are strategically aligned with your specific objectives to provide your team with useful information and actionable insights. Work with our subject matter experts to create and customize your executive experience or chose one of our CES experience frameworks and we’ll customize it to fit your needs.

We help our clients maximize CES

East or West? Which ShellyPalmer Tech Briefing & Floor Tour is right for you?

ShellyPalmer Tech Briefings & Tours are perfect if you need actionable insights and in-depth understanding of the technology and trends on display at CES.

We offer tours of Tech East and Tech West. Led by experienced subject matter experts, our senior tour guides will take you on a journey through CES with a narrative crafted and curated to inform, enlighten and entertain you.

    CES Tech East Tours

    (LVCC – North Hall, Central Hall and South Hall) will showcase innovative technologies from today’s top categories.

    CES Tech West Tours

    (The Sands Expo) will feature companies and innovations shaping the future.

In 2020, over 175,000 people will gather at CES to see more than 4,000 exhibits — covering 2.5 million square feet. There will be over 20,000 new product announcements.

While this is an incredible amount of information to interpret – we’ve spent all year making sure we know what you must see, who you must meet and what we need to do to create the very best, most informative, most enjoyable experience you can have at CES.

Why ShellyPalmer Tours Are the Best Way to Experience CES 2020

ShellyPalmer Tech Briefings & Floor Tours have a singular mission – to help you maximize your time at CES – the most exciting, awesome and amazing tech conference in the world.

CES is “the” place to be in January. But with so much to see and do, it can also be overwhelming and a bit confusing. That’s why ShellyPalmer Tech Briefings & Floor Tours are highly curated and focused on the most important trends, emerging technologies and innovation.

Our walking tours are super efficient and our experienced tour guides will not only help you explore, but offer you actionable insights for your business.

Your experience at CES is our highest priority. Our goal is to make sure you see what you need to see, get the information you need, and to make your time with us frictionless, entertaining and delightful.

ShellyPalmer Tech Briefings & Floor Tours are created and curated by the senior management team at The Palmer Group. We are trusted strategic advisors to the c-suites of leading digital media, content, broadcasting, publishing and technology firms. We focus on the nexus of content, hardware, software and brands and are subject matter experts in consumer technology, media, entertainment, advertising and marketing. Our advisors are experts in the fields of digital strategy, data science, marketing, branding, and business development.

Our tours and events are designed to help you leverage our expertise, our relationships and our experience at CES. That’s why thousands of c-suite executives, marketers, media buyers, brand managers, policy makers, and engineers rely on us.

CES® is the registered trademark of the The Consumer Technology Association.® The Palmer Group is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by CES.