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Shelly Palmer Innovation Series Summit 2022

Highlights from the 2022 Shelly Palmer Innovation Series Summit

The Shelly Palmer Innovation Series Summit is an annual “must attend” event at CES. In the following presentations, an exceptional group of industry leaders offer specific actionable insights to help you drive growth and create value for your business.

Shelly Palmer’s annual CES keynote

The metaverse, web 3.0, lying flat, the great resignation, COVID’s potential transition to an endemic disease, what’s new, what’s next, and what it means for your business. Shelly’s got a deepfakes demo you won’t want to miss and some exciting announcements about some new free tools you can use to level up your decentralized finance, web 3.0, and crypto game. (Runtime: 08:47)

Meta (Formerly Facebook)

Facebook may have changed its name to Meta, but what else has changed? Shelly and Stephanie Latham, Meta’s Head of the Entertainment, Technology and Mobile & Connectivity industries have a frank chat about some hard questions including, Are Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp causing harm to young people? Does Meta put profit over safety? And why would anyone want Mark Zuckerberg to control the metaverse? (Runtime: 09:51)

Samsung Electronics America

Tech has played such an important role in the past couple of years. It’s helped us adapt to WFH, remote learning, telehealth, and much, much more. As one of the largest manufacturers of consumer technology, Samsung gives us products that empower consumer behavior changes on a massive scale. To get deeper insights into what’s new and what’s next, Shelly spoke with Michelle Crossan, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics America, about how Samsung anticipates consumer needs, the company’s commitment to sustainability, and how Samsung sees the future. (Runtime: 12:53)


Shelly speaks with Mollie Spilman, Oracle’s Chief Revenue Officer, Advertising & Marketing Cloud about innovations in audience measurement and how some of her clients are using a combination of technologies to get the most out of their media and marketing spends. (Runtime: 5:43)

Advanced Human Imaging (AHI)

What if a selfie could save your life? From SpO2 levels to predictions about potential future disease states, AHI’s software suite is one of the first Measurement as a Service (MaaS) software suites designed to empower smartphones to save lives. Vlado Bosanac, CEO of Advanced Human Imaging, and Shelly take a deep dive into this extraordinary use of ordinary technology. (Runtime: 16:21)


As many of you know, Shelly’s MetaMask wallet was hacked a in December 2021. To find out what he did wrong, we went right to the source. Shelly sat down with Jacob Cantele, Lead of Operations at MetaMask, to talk about digital wallet best practices, how to best protect your crypto currency and other digital assets, and more. (Runtime: 4:02)

The Shelly Palmer 2022 Tech Trends Deep Dive

Shelly Palmer Tech Trends Deep Dive 2022

The Shelly Palmer 2022 Tech Trends Deep Dive is available free of charge. Our behavioral transitions over the past 12 months have been breathtaking: new media consumption habits, new purchasing habits, new work habits, new industries, and new money. Rather than list some trends and make some guesses about why they may or may not matter, this year we are taking a deep dive into a few subjects that may help you frame your investment theses and business goals in the coming months. Get free access here.


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