Case Study: Digital Transformation

A leading trade association required an intensive, top-to-bottom operations transformation that led to stunning efficiencies, new capabilities and cost savings.

Client Challenges

To transform its infrastructure and re-position itself for growth, the trade association had to rethink and rebuild:

  • An antiquated, legacy membership management system.
  • Human Resources suffering from evolutionary flaws in management information systems.
  • A systemic inability to adapt to contemporary information systems deployed by sponsors, partners and vendors.

The Palmer Group Solution

To identify antiquated systems and methodologies and implement new initiatives by:

  • Performing in-depth analysis of business needs.
  • Creating a digital transformation roadmap.
  • Working with the client to craft a full suite of digital benefits for its members.
  • Building a full-stack technology solution to replace the legacy systems.


  • Staffing costs were optimized as workers were retrained and reassigned saving the client over 35% in associated labor costs.
  • The client was able to complete several profitable strategic partnerships.