A picture is worth 23 million pixels. Apple’s new Vision Pro is here. It’s… um… well… interesting.

It’s safe to say that it is exactly what was expected: a super-expensive proof-of-concept. Vision Pro has all of the components you’d expect from a pair of prescription eyeglasses in 2033, except it’s 2023 and none of the required technology exists yet.

What did Apple actually introduce? Think of it as a $3,500 wearable 23 million pixel monitor that you will use for a few days, then only use for specific apps, then forget to use (unless you make a living using those specific apps).

That said, I love what Apple is doing with Vision Pro. I love everything about its commitment to the future. The only way we get to Apple Vision Pro 10 running VisionOS 10.5 is to start here. The timing doesn’t matter: 5 years, 10 years, some day… Apple is going to get us where we need to go, and this is step one.

As for specs? The device features an ultra-high-resolution display system, packing 23 million pixels across two displays, Apple’s M2 and R1 chips, and some nice ergonomic elements. If you like ski goggles, you’ll love the Vision Pro. (I like ski goggles; I just don’t want to wear them to work.) Put all this into a Darth Vader helmet, get me a cape and a bandolier filled with batteries – lightsaber optional – and we’re good to go.

Kudos to Tim Cook and the team at Apple for their investment in the future. If you’re wondering… I can’t wait to get one.

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