Why You Should Care About CES 2021

Digital Audience

The Consumer Electronics Show has evolved so far beyond its consumer electronics roots that it is now just called CES. Over the years, the show has grown into the world’s most important annual technology trade event, featuring close to 4,000 exhibitors and attracting over 170,000 attendees. But times have changed. Due to the pandemic, CES 2021 will be “all-digital.” Which raises the question, does CES still matter?

Business in a Post-Pandemic World

While it is true that America’s healthcare system is being stretched to its limits and while it is also true that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are at unacceptable levels, there is some good news. There are several different vaccines on the horizon and there has been a great deal of progress with therapeutics. Conventional epidemiological wisdom says that we are going to be in for a long winter, but between the vaccine program and improvements in treatment protocols, we should begin to emerge from the pandemic toward the end of 2021. McKinsey has a well-researched article on the subject. I have no way to know if this is true or just wishful thinking, but it is the timeframe that is most often quoted.

A lot can happen between now and Q4 of 2021, but no matter how tough times are right now, the pandemic will ultimately end. When it does, we are going to be in a new world with new challenges and new opportunities. What will that future look like?

Scenario Planning for a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic is teeming with known unknowns. What are the follow-on effects of the economic shutdown? How will you assess the risk of bringing your employees back to the office? What impact will new consumer preferences have on your business? Will there be inflation or deflation? A recession or depression? As hard as these questions are, we’ve helped our corporate clients reframe and answer them in multiple ways. You can answer them too. Here’s how.

A Reliable Crystal Ball

For your scenario planning and strategic forecasting to be valuable, you need solid information. That’s why CES 2021 may be the most important CES ever. The magic of CES is that it helps you see into the future – what’s new, what’s next, and what it means for your business.

Every year, CES functions as a highly reliable crystal ball. Want to know what will empower consumers in 12 months? Look at this year’s tech offerings. Want to know what consumers will be buying in 18 months? Pay attention to the products that will ship in Q3 2021. Want to know what’s on the horizon? Spend time with the big manufacturers to see what’s on the drawing board. Wondering about potential investment or business opportunities? CES is the best place to formulate and test your technology-based ideas. It is one of our “not so secret” secret weapons.

Making the Most out of the “All-Digital” CES 2021

CES 2021 (January 11–14) will be filled with important information, big promises, and even bigger dreams. If you’re wondering how to organize the best possible online experience for your team, we can help. Check out ces.shellypalmer.com to learn about our pre-CES webinars and strategy sessions, private tech briefings and online tours, Innovation Series Summit, and online networking salons, or just fill in the form below:


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