ODG’s R-7 Award-Winning Smart Glasses

By Digital Dan Dubno

As an early adopter of Google Glass, it’s finally nice to see what Google should have done, and inventor Ralph Osterhout and his team at ODG (Osterhout Design Group) has done it with the R7 Glasses, now on display at CES. Osterhout redesigned the R-7  smart glasses with “next generation optics, electronics and industrial design.” Basically, you can see a wonderful picture superimposed on heads-up-display  that is admirably transparent. The glasses are targeted to enterprise customers (medical, inventory management, military uses, to name a few.) The breakthrough 3D stereoscopic device uses a “Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 processor running a custom ReticleOS™ operating system atop Android® Kit Kat™.”  The dual 720p glasses at 80 fps are sleek, light, and very robust. Ingenious magnetic earbuds and power charging is elegantly  compliment the clever twisty ear horns so they fold into a compact space. It’s no wonder that ODG’s R-7 Glasses won this year’s CES Best Innovation Award.

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