DISH to Deliver 4K Content With the Hopper 3

by Digital Dan Dubno

Ok, so you’ve gone to the superstore and plunked down just under a thousand dollars for a massive 4K ultra high resolution screen. Aside from a few BlueRay discs you might still have around the house, what will you watch that is pixel-worthy?  Getting bandwidth that can support streaming 4k video is more than many ISPs provide. Well, today DISH introduced its newest and most macho set top box that will make your new gleaming 4k flat (or curved!) screen come alive.  The  Hopper 3 downloads from satellite  4K content  and streaming video  to up to seven home TVs at once.  You’ll never have a channel conflict again since the Hopper 3 comes with 16 tuners.  There is a massive 2 TB hard drive capable of recording five hundred hours of ultra high def content.   I was impressed with “Sports Bar Mode” that lets owners watch four regular HD channels at once on their Ultra HD TV in a quad-screen format in glorious resolution.  The DISH 3 tuner also allows for a much more powerful program search incorporating Netflix titles and other content into the search. YouTube, which has also announced 4k content, will soon be coming to the Hopper 3 as well.  You’ll even be able to navigate via speech through content using the Hopper Voice Remote.  The Hopper 3 will be available early in 2016 from DISH.

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