360 Abyss Hero Camera Platform

By Digital Dan Dubno

CES has brought us a profusion of 3D and augmented reality high-definition headsets and wide screens that display 4K resolution. These provide for stunning views but there’s one enormous problem:  very little super high definition content is available.  Now, 360 Heros.com has designed several camera mounts that work seamlessly with high-res Hero cams to help provide such visuals: seaming together multiple camera views into a 360-degree complete spherical video image. Michael Kintner, the New York-based CEO, Founder, and Inventor of the system has brought his “Plug-n-Play video gear” to CES in a snazzy tricked-out RV truck… and my favorite of his new production tools is the 360 Abyss which mounts a half-a-dozen Hero cams in a submarine-like waterproof housing  that is stable down to 1000 meters. That’s  deep sea imagery, folks.  Imagine seeing a full 360-degree view of the Titanic wreckage or chemosynthetic life at some of the vent-sites on the ocean floor in the highest definition.



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