Before you stop reading and scoff at the idea, this is a conversation starter around how to jump-start grassroots innovation. I am sure that all of you have had great (and not so great) HR experiences and we want to hear them. Tell us how you would improve (anonymity will be respected) the recruitment –> onboarding –> talent development process, your thoughts on where change is needed the most and whether or not you agree with the thesis that the CMO should lead HR. Next week, we’ll dig deep and explore why radical change is necessary in the organizational structure of every company that wants to thrive, rather than simply survive, in today’s marketplace.

About Lydia Loizides

Lydia Loizides is serial entrepreneur, technology provocateur and relentless challenger of the status quo. She spends her days as Founder & CEO of Talentedly, a technology company on a mission to help people grow from good to great at work (technology + people = amazing results). The rest of her waking moments are spent running, reading, learning, and trying to prove that the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. You can follow Lydia @lydiaNYC @GetTalentedly, on LinkedIn and the Huffington Post.



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