Smart Home

Smart Home

Right now, most people don’t want a smart home. And while about 13 percent of people have an internet-connected device that isn’t a computer, phone or tablet in their homes, according to research from Parks Associates, the marketing of the smart home for the consumer is still very far out of reach. Last week, I gave a talk on the topic before the IEEE Internet of Things standards group on how to get the consumer to adopt the smart home. I started with a basic concept. Today, the smart home is dumb. Why? Before I ever spent $300 on Philips Hue lights for my living room I had to think about why I would want them. Fortunately, because I am a person who is well versed in tools like If This Then That (IFTTT), I saw the promise in linking lighting to my web services to create an ambient information delivery system that I use to alert me to stock movements, texts from my editor and the location of my husband.

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