Kindle Voyage (Leaked)

Kindle Voyage (Leaked)

A new Kindle ereader is about to be released, two in fact. A leak has turned up online from Amazon Germany that shows the listing for new Kindle models. There is what appears to be a new “basic” Kindle. This one has a touchscreen and will sell for 59 euros in Europe. More interesting is a new device called the Kindle Voyage, which appears to be the successor to the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s available in 3G and Wi-Fi only and sells for 249 and 189 euros respectively. That’s a lot more than the current Kindle Paperwhite sells for (109 euros), so we can expect some premium features at that price. Not a lot of details are given yet, but based on the early listing we can expect the new Kindle Voyage to have a 6-inch E Ink screen with 300 ppi. It’s likely a Carta screen with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 to hit that number. We were hoping for a larger Kindle this year, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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