Over the past year and a half or so, T-Mobile has made announcement after announcement in what they’ve dubbed the “Un-carrier” series. Each announcement brings some change that’s meant to rid T-Mobile of some common wireless industry pain point — things like early termination fees, or the absurd costs of international data usage. On Wednesday, T-Mobile made their seventh sweeping change: from here on out, all handsets they sell will support WiFi calling. Not familiar with WiFi calling? To oversimplify some really neat technology, here’s the idea: when you’re within range of a trusted WiFi network, your voice calls and texts automatically go through that router rather than going to a distant cell tower. It improves voice quality, particularly when the cell network around you isn’t up to snuff. You know that one spot in your house where your calls just always drop? With WiFi calling, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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