Potato Salad

The pitch was simple: give Zack Brown $10 and he will make potato salad. Thanks to internet donations, Brown now has more than $8,800 to achieve that dream. Although Brown hasn’t chosen a recipe for the potato salad, more than 1,300 people have backed his online fundraising campaign since it launched on Thursday. “I’ve been hard at work in the kitchen, learning how to boil potatoes,” Brown, who may have had some inkling as to how this project would turn out when he began it – he is the co-founder of a digital creative agency – said in a thank you video he posted on the potato salad Kickstarter page. Brown’s stated goal was to raise $10 for one potato salad. Now, with 25 days left in the campaign, he’s said he will make multiple potato salads, live-stream the potato salad-making and figure out how to send samples to people who can’t make it to the party he plans to throw in Columbus, Ohio.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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