Kids on Phones

Kids on Phones

If you catch a kid using a cell phone in school, chances are they’re not doing class-related research. But what if instead of having access to Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and the entirety of the Internet, kids could be restricted to a “school zone” mobile ecosystem while in class? Such a “mobile learning framework” is part of Qualcomm’s efforts in education, coming from inside the chipmaker’s Global Market Development group, which acts as an internal startup incubator inside the company. Today, many kids still don’t have good Internet at home–especially if they live in the 30% of U.S. households that still lack high-speed broadband, says Qualcomm senior director Vicky Mealer-Burke. That means if they want to do homework using online resources, they have to head to Starbucks, McDonald’s, or somewhere else with good Internet.

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