Google I/O

Google I/O

The keynote at Google’s big developer conference is over, and in its three hours(!) we found out about AndroidTV, Android Auto, and the next big release of Android for you phone. But there was also a ton of rumored stuff that Google didn’t announce. Here’s what was missing, and our best guesses at why. Coming into I/O, some sort of consumer Glass announcement seemed like it would make sense. After all, Google has already redesigned Glass and slowly opened its Glass beta to anyone and everyone. After two years of testing it seems like its about time for the real thing. But still, Google was completely mum, even as the livestream panned over the disproportionally large number of Glass-wearers in the I/O audience. For as much as Glass has been around, it hasn’t really caught on with normals, in part due to the inherent weirdness of wearing a faceputer and in part thanks to the $1,500 pricetag.

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