Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google has released test versions of its Chrome browser for PCs with 64-bit chips, a move that will improve performance, security, and stability. The mainstream stable version of Chrome and its beta precursor haven’t yet made the change, but Google offers a 64-bit installer for the very rough Canary and more polished Dev versions of the browser. “The majority of our users on Windows 7 or higher now have systems capable of running 64-bit applications, and this version of Chrome can take full advantage of these newer capabilities,” said Chrome programmer Will Harris in a blog post Tuesday. Even as consumers embrace mobile apps, browsers remain crucial to how people use their computers. But it’s tough to keep up in the browser world today. Developers must constantly update their software with new Web technologies, protect browsers from constant attack over the network, and adapt their software to smartphones and tablets with less computing resources than a PC.

Read the full story at CNET.

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