So, you want to buy a domain name. Who do you go to first? GoDaddy? NameCheap? Whoever happens to have a sale going on right now? How about Google? For the past few years, anyone looking to Google to buy a domain has been met with this support page, which proclaims that “Google itself doesn’t register or host domain names.” before recommending up a few partners who do. That changed on Monday. Google has just launched a small private beta for a domain registration service which they’ve apptly dubbed “Google Domains”. You can find the largely locked down landing page for the service here. And talk about timing: on June 9th, GoDaddy finally filed for the IPO that they’ve been mulling since at least 2006. Two weeks later, Google publicly announces plans to get into the domain registration market. Up until now, GoDaddy was even one of the partners that Google recommended. That can’t feel great.

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