Hypothetical TV Lineup

Dish says it wants to offer a Web TV service later this year. ESPN and some other Disney channels are on board. Who else could Dish get, if it wants to hit its retail target price of $30 a month? Here’s a theoretical list, courtesy of Bernstein Research’s Todd Juenger. He figures Dish could conceivably sign up the broadcast networks, along with some channels from Viacom, 21st Century Fox, AMC and Comcast*. So you’d get all the sports you need, plus “Mad Men,” “The Daily Show,” and “Aqua Team Hunger Force,” for when you’re stoned. That lineup would be about $22 a month in programming fees, and Juenger is dubious that Dish can make money selling that bundle for $30 (DirecTV CEO Mike White is also skeptical). He’s also dubious that there’s a very big market for this lineup, because after you factor in broadband fees, you’re going to end up with a service that will be pretty close to the cost of a traditional pay TV/Internet bundle.

Read the full story at re/code.

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