Neither Google nor the big car manufacturers will likely be the first to put the keys to self-driving car technology in consumers’ hands. That honor will go to an eight-person startup called Cruise. Preorders start on Monday for installation in early 2015. “A third of the American workforce spends more than an hour a day commuting. It’s boring and dangerous. Now that we have the technology, it’s almost our responsibility to do something with it,” Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt told Re/code. Cruise makes an aftermarket kit for newer Audi cars that allows them to drive on autopilot on highways in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it has already mapped the roads. It’s like cruise control on steroids — with the ability to follow the road as it curves, stay in a lane, accelerate and brake according to traffic. The Cruise kit costs $10,000, and 50 will be sold in the first run.

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