Many teens and millennials may go weeks without talking on the phone, but the phone call is still the preferred form of communication for most adults, according to a new survey conducted for Vonage by ORC International. 56 percent of adults said they communicate most with phone calls, while only a quarter of adults communicated primarily via text.

When it came to special occasions or important news, 71 percent of adults said a phone call is their first choice of communication — if they can’t meet in person. That’s even true of millennials (18-34 year-olds), too, who traditionally text more than they call; 67 percent decide to pick up the phone when it comes to sharing special moments.

“There’s nothing like hearing a loved one’s voice when you can’t be together, and this research shows that the majority of people feel the same way,” said Barbara Goodstein, Chief Marketing Officer for Vonage. “When you have something important to share, you don’t want the significance of your news to fall flat with a text or an email. With a phone call, friends and family are able to hear the excitement in your voice and share in the emotion of the moment.”

The survey also found:

  • Men said they call their spouse or significant other the most (35%). Women, however, call their children the most (25%).
  • 55 percent of adults said they are most likely to make a phone call just to stay in touch without any specific reason.
  • 51 percent of adults have been disappointed to receive a text or an email to learn about a special moment or important news.
  • 64 percent of all adults and 87 percent of millennials said they have misinterpreted a text.

“This research reinforces that texts are often misinterpreted and the true sentiment of the message can be lost,” Ms. Goodstein continued. “It’s important to stay connected through live conversation over the phone, especially when relaying important or exciting news. Not only will the true meaning and emotion of your news come across, but you’ll experience a closer connection.”

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