Rap Genius

Rap Genius

Rap Genius, a popular website that compiles annotations of song lyrics, has reached a licensing agreement with music publishers after being accused of using the lyrics of thousands of songs without permission. The agreement announced Tuesday ends a standoff that began in November when the National Music Publishers Association, a trade group, singled out Rap Genius as the most “undesirable” on a list of sites that use lyrics without permission. (Publishers control the copyrights for songwriting and lyrics, which are separate from those for recordings.) It was a prominent slap by the music business against Rap Genius, which in both the music world and the heady Silicon Valley technology scene has become a popular attraction for its crowd-sourced commentary about rap songs (as well as other texts, like ancient Greek plays) that by turns can be scholarly, irreverent or both.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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