There will be a doctor in the house – your house. That is: If you need one, if you live in Manhattan, if you have a mobile device and if you’re willing to shell out $300 for a house call. Pager, which launched on Thursday, is a new entry into the growing realm of telemedicine. It is a mobile application that will allow those in Manhattan to request–via a location-based mobile app–a nighttime or weekend visit from a doctor. Pager hopes to roll out the service to other parts of New York as well as other cities, extending the hours of availability as well. If it sounds a bit like “ubering a doctor,” that’s no coincidence. The technology for the app was built by Pager co-founder Oscar Salazar, an engineer who was part of the team that built Uber, the taxi-on-demand company. After Salazar left Uber in 2010, he started a few companies and then landed at the private equity firm TPG.

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal’s Bits Blog.

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