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Google Maps Lane Guidance

Google Maps for iOS and Android is getting a big update on Tuesday, bringing stronger support for offline maps to both platforms, adding in lane guidance when driving, and integrating Uber as an option for getting around. Among the most helpful of the updates will certainly be offline maps, which is now front-and-center on iOS for the first time and in a more robust form on Android: after searching for or tapping on a location, Maps will display an option to save that area for use without an internet connection. Google is introducing a way to manage those offline maps too, allowing users to see what locations they have saved through their profile. Turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps is also getting a lot more helpful with this update. In the US, as well as parts of Canada and Japan, Maps will now tell drivers if they should stay in their lane or move over to a different one when they’re approaching an exit or a turn.

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