In-flight internet service provider Gogo just revealed a new technology that is expected to deliver peak speeds of over 70Mbps. The new technology is called 2Ku, named for its two Ku-band satellite antennas. The 70Mbps peak speeds are a considerable improvement compared to the 9.8Mbps speeds available today and the 3.1Mbps speeds Gogo was offering to commercial aircraft passengers five years ago. Gogo’s Chief Technology officer Anand Chari says in a statement that the company anticipates peak speeds of more than 100Mbps when new spot beam satellite technologies become available. 2Ku will also employ specialized satellite antennas designed to provide better support in tropical locations, greater overall reliability and lower drag on the aircraft. Japan Airlines is expected to be the first to trial the new 2Ku technology, which Gogo estimates will be available to the commercial aviation market by mid-2015.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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