iPhone 5s

iPhone 5sBlackBerry CEO John Chen recently dismissed iPhone users as “wall huggers” due to his suggestion that they constantly have to hug walls looking for electricity sockets to stop their phones running out of battery midday. Two patents published Thursday show that Apple is not taking similar criticism lying down, as it actively investigating the possibility of intelligently discerning when, where and how we use our iOS devices — and utilizing this information to tweak performance to prolong battery life. In one example of how Apple’s patents might be used it suggests that if your iPhone charge typically runs out on Thursdays only, then your different behavior on that day makes it necessary to reconfigure your power management system for that day only. This might mean looking for patterns in behavior to find when a user is unlikely to use their iPhone (when it is put into Airplane Mode, for instance) and sacrificing performance during these periods, knowing that the user is less likely to be using the device at this time.

Read the full story at Cult of Mac.

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