Google Shelfie

Google Shelfie

Tuesday is the day to keep an eye out for whoopee cushions on seats and (hopefully)-joke dog turds in fridges. But April Fools’ Day isn’t only about physical practical jokes anymore, the internet has becomes riddled with tricksters too. Last year, we had companies pumping good advertising budget into April Fools’ jokes. From YouTube closing and Ikea selling flat-pack lawnmowers to Virgin’s glass-bottomed plane and the Tesco Value 3D Food Printer. This year the tomfoolery is still going strong. We’ve rounded up the best laughs so far.

BMW has expanded its lineup to include the BMW ZZZ Series Cot. To go along with the product launch, BMW has released a rather cute video advert with lots of engine roars and pans of a leather interior. But instead of seeing a sleek new car at the end of the video, an “Ultimate Sleeping Machine” is revealed. It’s a baby cot that “embodies the spirit of The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

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