Intel's Smart Onesie

Intel's Smart OnesieThe most crowded area of Intel’s CES booth? Not the phone section, not tablets, not even two-in-ones. Nope, everyone’s huddled around a desk with coffee mugs. That, and a plastic baby doll lying face-up in a carrier. Just like Intel CEO Brian Krzanich hinted, the company is going all-in on wearables this year. Except the outfit isn’t showing off fitness trackers; it’s showing off an internet-connected baby onesie. Most surprising of all: it’s not even a concept but rather, a real, final product that will ship this week. So what does it do? Best to ignore buzzwords like “smart” and think of this simply as the baby monitor of the future. The onesie, made by a company called Rest Devices, has two green stripes on the front that are actually respiratory sensors. Additionally, the onesie comes with a removable, turtle-shaped clip, with sensors allowing it to monitor the baby’s body position, activity level and skin temperature.

Read the full story at Engadget.

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