CanOpenerWell, we might have just found the grandaddy of all audiophile music apps, perfect for the most important music snob in your life: you. Of course, if you care about sound quality, you already have nice headphones. Canopener for iOS ($4), is about what happens right before the sound leaves your iPhone, but before it gets to your “ear goggles.” It’s a music player app, meaning that its developer, Good Hertz, is hoping you’ll use it instead of Apple’s own Music app. This also means it doesn’t work with streaming music or subscription services — just your own downloads. Other than that nitpick, quite honestly, we cannot think of a single reason you wouldn’t want this app, if you care about sound quality. It looks good. Great design. But that’s not what this app is for. Luckily, Good Hertz LLC, the company behind this app, whose founder, owner, and lead developer Devin Kerr is a mad audio scientist, producer, musician, and sound engineer who really knows what he’s doing.

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