T-MobileThose of you new to T-Mobile will be out of luck if you’re hoping to walk into a T-Mobile store and walk out with a tablet and 200 megabytes of free data without putting any money down. After promising to fix an “executional mistake” that forced new customers to sign up for a $10 On Demand plan, T-Mobile clarified to CNET that new customers who want to take advantage of T-Mobile’s no-money-down plan are required to sign up for a $20-a-month plan. Unlike the On Demand plan, which was simply a fee for staying on T-Mobile’s network, the $20 plan does provide for an additional 500MB of data at its 4G LTE speed. The 200MB of data is “free,” but doesn’t kick in until after you sign up. Existing T-Mobile customers with a phone plan can access the 200MB of free data without signing up for additional plans.

Read the full story at CNET.

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