Google Wallet

Google WalletA few months back, rumors of a physical Google Wallet card surfaced, suggesting that Google would give you a credit/debit card that could access your Google Wallet balance and be used for purchasing goods. We waited and waited, expecting it to show up at some point as a single card you could use in your wallet since Google Wallet the NFC mobile payment service had yet to take off. For whatever reason, it never did arrive – well, until Wednesday morning. One of our readers was prompted with an option to order one, which led us into digging a bit more to see if the service was really live. Turns out it is. The Google Wallet Card allows you access your Wallet Balance in the real world at ATMs, banks, and wherever MasterCard Debit is accepted. The card lets you pay with whatever you have in your Wallet balance, so it doesn’t exactly replace all of your other cards like we had once envisioned.

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