AirplaneGone are the days where aircraft were metal tubes of isolation. Get ready to hear more, “hello? I’m on a plane” on your cross-country flights. Gogo launched its latest in-flight technology, allowing smartphone users to make phone calls and send text messages as if they were on the ground. The aircraft connectivity giant on Friday touted its Text & Talk technology to CNET aboard a private jet, departing and arriving at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport. While in-flight Wi-Fi is far from new and is increasingly popular among consumers and business customers across the US, more ‘traditional’ means of communication — such as calling and texting — have taken a back seat in favor of social media sites and movie streaming. By utilizing the company’s air-to-ground connectivity, calls and texts back on Earth are now routed through the aircraft’s wireless network rather than in-flight cell towers, or “picocells.”

Read the full story at CNET.

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