VineVine, Twitter’s six-second looping video app, has just released an update to the app that brings two new big features to the video sharing platform: Sessions and Time Travel. Time Travel essentially lets you edit videos, which has always been something Vine was very rigid about. In the past, you could never go back in time with Vine, but rather have to shoot continuously without a mistake. With Time Travel, users can remove, reorganize or replace any shot within at post at any time. To use Time Travel, simply tap the green bar that shows you’r recording, or push edit when you’re previewing a post. Meanwhile, Sessions let you maintain multiple drafts that are currently being edited and created at once, so you can switch from one project to the other. The update is a big one, as users have never been able to edit Vine videos retroactively.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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