4 Perks of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)



Imagine shared Web hosting as multiple families living together in a small house that’s made for two people. According to Web Hosting Watch, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are like having a “separate apartment” for yourself. Without sharing limited facilities with other people, you can live however you’d like.

This analogy shares how VPS compares to traditional shared Web hosting technology. Traditional Web hosts are known to oversell their server space, causing traffic jams or website crashes. VPS is like having a less crowded home where you enjoy control, privacy and a better quality of electronic life.

VPS offers similar perks to a separate home that traditional shared Web hosting cannot. VPS provides the control that shared classic hosting does not. If you’re still not convinced, think about the following information.

Stability & Reliability

As more websites demand efficient hosting, shared servers become overworked. B2 Net Solutions explains how the unreliability created by piling up hundreds and thousands of websites on the same server could turn shared hosting into a dinosaur in the Web hosting universe. Reliability is a major feature of VPS and Web hosting technology. Since your site is not commingled with many other sites with varying levels of traffic volume, you can depend on the stability of service from your VPS.

Increased Control

Since you’ll get root access, an important VPS perk is the better control you enjoy over your Web server. For example, if you develop or purchase custom software for your site, you can install it without crossing your fingers, hoping and waiting for your host to provide support. Customers with custom packages seldom receive needed host support. It’s costly and inefficient for shared hosting companies to develop support for one or very few customers.

Green Solution

As individuals and companies go green, eco-friendly operations and technology naturally grow in popularity. Top VPS hosting solutions, such as cPanel VPS, provide you with the resources to harness a shared server, such as power consumption, all for yourself. Business can share power without wasting valuable server resources on servers divided into various virtual environments.

Cost-Effective Techniques

VPS hosting is much less expensive that just a few years ago. VPS hosting may continue to decline in cost as technology advances. According to VPS vs Shared.com, businesses can find small private hosting solutions for as low as less than $20 per month — similar to costs offered by shared hosting providers, yet with much less risk to performance and security.

Companies that switch to VPS hosting can expect to maximize these perks. With enhanced reliability and cost efficiency, VPS is a valuable Web hosting alternative, just like having a separate apartment when you’re overcrowded at home.

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