JawboneThe future of wearable devices is one of the hottest topics at the 2013 Innovation by Design Conference, but according to Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman and designer Yves Béhar, there is no one iWatch to rule them all. In fact, as they told a live audience at a Q&A panel moderated by Fast Company’s Austin Carr, the wearables revolution might largely end up to be an invisible one. It all boils down to the difference in people’s minds between tech and fashion. “Unlike a smartphone or an iPod, it’s not cool to wear the same watch as everyone else,” said Rahman. Consumers expect fashion to do more than look good. They expect it to set them apart, to personalize them not just in the abstract, but from moment to moment. According to Béhar, this problem is what makes designing wearables like the Jawbone Up “the hardest products I’ve ever worked on.”

Read the full story at Fast Company Design.

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