FreedomPopFreedomPop, promiser of free data, is finally launching the first actually free service plan into beta on Tuesday. It comes with free texts, free minutes, and free data. All you have to do is front $100 for a phone. We first heard about FreedomPop’s free wireless service aspirations earlier this year, and now the details and the beta have finally arrived. The biggest piece of the puzzle we were missing until now was the phone: it’s a HTC Evo Design 4G WiMAX running Android 4.0. Meh. But it’s only $100 and the service is free! Slightly less meh! As you can probably tell by the name, these handsets slurp up 4G data by piggybacking on Sprint’s WiMAX instead of LTE, but Sprint’s WiMAX coverage is actually better than its fledgling LTE network, for now. And, the HTC Evo Design is just the first of a few—hopefully better—phones which will be coming (or will at least be announced) later this year.

Read the full story at Gizmodo.

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