Google Chrome

Google ChromeA new update for Chrome for iOS adds iOS 7 support, but there’s also a big flaw as discovered by UK development and design firm Parallax. It turns out that when you use the search/address bar in Incognito mode in Chrome, that history will show up when you return to standard browsing in Google’s mobile website search bar. The Parallax team has provided a look at this in action via a simple video walkthrough of the behaviour, and TechCrunch was able to replicate this with our own devices. Note that if you try to search from the combined address/URL bar in non-Incognito mode, you won’t see your search history from when you were browsing in private – you need to navigate to (or, etc.) in order to see the history of terms you looked up while supposedly keeping your data and history off the books.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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