Tesla Aims for Europe

What car company sells more cars in California than Cadillac, Porsche and even Chrysler? If you said, “Honda,” you’d be correct, but of course that’s no surprise. The real news is that you’d also be correct if you said “Tesla.” The car company has been expanding at a staggering pace ever since it released its phenomenally well-received Model S. The stock price for TSLA has blown up in recent months, and now its eyeing aggressive expansion in Europe as well. In a challenge to more traditional luxury automakers like Mercedes and BMW, the company is spreading its network of Superchargers — each of which can half-fill a car in 20 minute for a range of up to 130 miles — all across the continent. It says by the end of 2014, the total populations of seven countries will live with 200 miles of a charging station. Would that make you consider getting one?

Check out the full story and watch the video at Popular Mechanics.

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