SpotifyAfter spending the last several months rolling out Discover and Radio, two big pieces of its music discovery puzzle, Spotify is on Monday introducing a critical third piece: Browse, a collection of the service’s best playlists on iOS and Android. Whereas Discover and Radio are largely powered by algorithms, Browse introduces a human level of curation. The company is quick to admit that over one billion playlists have been created by users, and Browse is an effort to make sense of it all — a gallery of moods, moments, situations, and lists all represented in Spotify playlists. “Italian dinner,” ‘Dubstep Workout,” and “Namaste” are among the 20,000 playlists Spotify has chosen as its favorites. “With over one billion playlists. chances are somebody has already made a playlist to suit your mood,” says Charlie Hellman, Vice President of Product at Spotify.

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