Android vs iOS

Android vs iOSWhen Google lifted the lid on its new flavor of Android in October 2012, one feature in particular stood out. With Android 4.2, users were at last able to set up individual user accounts – much like a PC – so that mum, dad and all the kids could create their own little personalized worlds for their own apps, books, games and more. The catch? It was for tablets only. In many ways though, this did make sense, given that you’re more likely to share a tablet with the family than your mobile phone. With Android 4.3 announced last month, Google took things one stage further, introducing Restricted Profiles, giving parents more control over what their kids can and can’t access. Again, it was tablets only. During the demo, Google’s Hugo Barra used a jigsaw app to show how a parent could gradually give their child access to new puzzles by buying them privately from their own profile.

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