VerizonAs gigabit networks get all the love, Verizon has upped the ante on its own fiber to the home network, announcing a 500 Mbps (that’s half a gigabit) download tier with 100 Mbps upstream capacity. That’s blazing fast and will be available in far more markets than Google’s gigabit network or the one-off municipal networks around the country. However, Verizon is keeping things lucrative, planning on charging $309.99 per month for internet and TV or $329.99 per month for internet,TV and phone with a two-year agreement. For those wanting to ditch the cable and phone service, its unclear if Verizon will offer stand-alone service to residential customers. Yet for small businesses, the 500 Mbps is only offered on a stand-alone basis, and costs $369.99 per month with a two-year agreement. You don’t have to sign a contract but then Verizon wants to charge you more — as for how much, I’m waiting on that.

Read the full story at Giga OM.

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