InstagramThe real-time battle rages on. Instagram on Wednesday announced the latest in a string of recent updates, now allowing users to embed videos and photos taken with the photo-sharing application on site pages across the Web. Simply cut and paste the embed text from an Instagram page to your blog, and the video will appear on your page after publishing. On the one hand, it’s not a revolutionary feature. Web embeds have been available for all sorts of media — including the Twitter-owned Vine, ostensibly Instagram’s most viable video competitor — for quite some time. It’s a simple way to push distribution of your media on other sites across the Web, especially helpful if your own site isn’t a primary, go-to destination in and of itself. But this isn’t just a distribution play, or even an affront simply to Vine. Instagram wants to own “real time,” a space long ago staked out by Twitter as the go-to option for global discussion on an event when it’s happening.

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