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App StoreIt’s one of those problems that doesn’t really occur to anyone: when an iOS app is updated, what happens to the old version? Outside of the files stored on the computers of the people who built it, it’s gone forever—and all its design, interface quirks, and animations are no longer available. But now, a Texan app developer has created a place where apps—or at least, their animations—can live on even when an update changes what they look like. It’s called, and it’s been built by Alli Dryer, a strategist for Bottle Rocket Apps in Dallas. Capptivate’s concept is incredibly simple: the site hosts five-second videos of apps and their transitions and animations, activated by a mouse-over. The apps are categorized by types of motion, camera technique such as blur or parallax, and simulations like drift or bounce. That’s it.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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