The generations-old practice of quizzing students with flashcards is being transformed in real time thanks to the iPad and other touchscreen devices. The best flashcard apps offer deep and searchable catalogs across an array of subjects, and allow users to create and customize their own learning programs. Here are five flashcard apps that have all the answers.

1. Brainscape (iPad, free)

Brainscape is an outstanding example of how educational apps should be produced and marketed. This free app allows you to practice or review content in the same manner as traditional flashcards but with some incredible additional features. After downloading the app, you can create your own flashcard decks using the simple interface, or you can visit the marketplace for dozens of pre-made decks. Many of these pre-made decks are free, with others costing between $1.99 and $19.99. This is how apps should work. Creating a new deck is quick and easy. From the main library screen, tap the plus sign and enter a name to create a subject.

Curated by: Keith George

2. Bitsboard – Education, Games, and Flashcards (iPad, free)

Bitsboard is an interactive flashcard and learning game app with a catalog of searchable “boards” covering all subjects. The catalog is ever-growing, with the ability to upload a created board or download another one already made, giving kids the opportunity to learn or practice just about anything. The games include Flashcards, Photo Touch, Match Up, True or False, Pop Quiz, Word Builder and Spelling Bee. Kids can choose from one of the pre-installed boards or download a new one from the searchable catalog. All of the games move quickly and are visually stimulating. It’s fun and very simple to catch on. With unlimited content, and even more features coming soon, like Bingo, kids won’t want to stop learning!

Curated by: Jen Schofield

3. Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade (iPad, free)

Lingo Arcade is a Spanish learning app that uses flashcards to go beyond basic vocabulary learning. As players show mastery of words, the games incorporate longer phrases and complete sentences. The five different modes of play keep learning fun and amusing. And the attractive real-life photos are visually pleasing for long lasting interest. After the initial lesson in the free download, purchase the vast library of content for an economical 99 cents, which covers over 150 levels of learning. While many of the games focus on image recognition to demonstrate comprehension, the more advanced games include some spelling and sentence building as well.

Curated by: Kasey Taylor

4. Math Fact Master: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division (iPad, 99 cents)

Math Fact Master cultivates children’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills through flashcards and challenges. This easy-to-use app lets children decide which skill(s) they want to focus on and adjust the level of difficulty according to their needs. Math Fact Master also improves the speed and accuracy of mental math! Math Fact Master has a clear and intuitive structure that makes learning fun and tracking progress a cinch. This app lets you choose any combination of number sets and operators.

Curated by: Maureen Weinhardt

5. iStudious Lite (iPad, free)

iStudious Flashcards is a feature-packed, yet easy to use, flashcard creator that allows you to import flashcard stacks (or decks) from or Dropbox or you can create your own decks. Best of all, iStudious Flashcards gives you a variety of options when it comes to the design of cards you create. Looking to study a foreign language and want to include a recording of how a word is pronounced? iStudious Flashcards can do that. Do you want to handwrite the question or answer, perhaps to learn a math formula? iStudious Flashcards can do that too.

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