3D Printed Gun

3D Printed GunOn Wednesday, the New York city council introduced a new bill that would make it illegal to use a 3D printer “to create any firearm, rifle, shotgun, or any piece or part thereof,” without being a licensed gunsmith. And even the creator would be required to notify the New York Police Department and register the gun within 72 hours of completion. The new municipal bill is the latest move to put pressure on Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed group—which in recent months has advanced 3D printed guns more than any other organization worldwide. In early May 2013, Wilson received a letter from the Department of State saying that distributing CAD files to make firearms was effectively illegal under International Traffic in Arms Regulations. The feds ordered him to remove the files, which he did. But The Pirate Bay and countless others have already made the files available via other online venues.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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