iPad and Potatoes

iPad and PotatoesIf a man in the street offers to sell you a Rolex, it is likely a worthless piece of metal. Similarly, if a man in the street offers to sell you an iPad, it is unlikely to be anything other than a piece of wood or a box of apples.
Or, in this case, potatoes. Britain’s Manchester Evening News reports that yet another variation on the unopened-iPad-box-that-turns-out-not -to-contain-an-iPad scam occurred in the very center of Manchester. Earlier this week, a man was approached by two obviously persuasive gentlemen at the city’s Piccadilly rail station.¬†They offered to sell him an iPad for 250 British pounds (around $390). They wanted to meet him in a parking lot to complete the transaction. You might wonder that, already, there were enough facts to make the purchaser believe that he was soon to be fleeced. It seems not.

Read the full story at CNET.

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