Amazon Studios

Amazon StudiosA new political comedy starring John Goodman as a Republican senator living in a “man cave” near Capital Hill will not be offered to Amazon viewers all at once as a 10-episode, online binge experience, according to its executive producer. Jonathan Alter, the former Newsweek columnist and author who is executive producer of the new Amazon show with “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau, told TheWrap that “Alpha House” would have a different streaming model than Netflix. Asked if Amazon would put the whole season up at once, Alter told TheWrap: “No. It hasn’t been entirely determined how they’ll put it out. But it will be a different model” than the one used by Netflix. The dominant streaming subscription service has made a habit of making its original programs available all at once – “House of Cards,” the new “Arrested Development.” That allows for “binge viewing” of episodes back to back.

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