Arizona senator John McCain, introduced legislation that would force cable operators and other TV providers to split up their so-called programming bundles and instead offer TV shows in smaller, more affordable packages and as a la carte channels. His legislation, called the Television Consumer Freedom Act, also would require sports leagues that use publicly financed stadiums to broadcast home games within their local markets. Now many home games are blacked out in an effort to encourage fans to go to the stadium.  McCain called this practice “unconscionable” considering that taxpayers are the ones paying for these stadiums to be built.  He also sent a warning to TV broadcasters that have threatened to move some of their broadcasting behind a cable paywall. He said that if broadcasters did that they would risk access to the airwaves that the government allows these broadcasters to use for free.  Some broadcasters have threatened to make their most popular TV shows and programs available only to subscription customers if they are unable to stop Internet TV startup Aereo from “stealing” their content.

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