KloutSocial ranking company Klout is offering a new way to boost your score: sharing opinions on the subjects in which you already have some influence, and using the data to help answer questions on Bing.  In an expanded partnership with Microsoft, Klout will bring answers from its new “experts” service to the top of Bing search results. The integration, which builds on a partnership that began last year when Microsoft invested in Klout, brings crowdsourced answers to queries that search engines have long struggled to answer. And it points to growing ambition for the much-maligned Klout, which is expanding its network of “influencers” beyond those with a hyperactive social-media presence to include experts who spend more time offline.  The question is whether enough Bing users will find value in Klout’s purported “expertise” to steal market share from Google, which commands two-thirds of the search market. Bing’s push into “social search” is a year old, and it hasn’t helped to steal much market share from the leader.

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