Microsoft IllumiRoom

Microsoft IllumiRoomWhen Microsoft first unveiled its IllumiRoom technology at CES, it did so in an unusual way. The software giant traditionally reveals its research projects in short, scrappy videos accompanied by research papers and a lot of technical jargon. IllumiRoom was different. The chief technology strategy officer at Microsoft, Eric Rudder, joined the Samsung keynote to showcase a video of an augmented reality projection unit designed to extend gaming onto nearby walls. The demo showed off a concept that appeared finely tuned, using what felt like a marketing video. Microsoft described IllumiRoom as a “proof-of-concept system” and promised more information at a CHI 2013 event that starts this week. While the research team behind IllumiRoom will reveal the project’s technical background tomorrow, a fresh preview video (30 seconds long) and a new five-minute demonstration have both provided some additional information.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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